Edge Medical completes the first single-port gynecologic clinical trial in China

Edge Medical’s single-port surgical robot SP1000 completed a single-port surgical robot-assisted laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal at the First Medical Center of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital. It is the first gynecologic clinical trial completed by a home-made single-port surgical robot in China, demonstrating that Edge Medical has taken the first step in the enrollment of registered gynecologic clinical trials with home-made single-port surgical robots.

Owing to high technological barrier, surgical robots have been monopolized by costly imported brands. Home-made surgical robots made by Edge Medical will greatly alleviate the difficulties in sourcing high-end medical equipment faced by clinicians. As their quality and cost performance improve, robotic surgery is expected to become as common as traditional laparoscopic surgeries.

With the promotion and wide application of 5G technology, 5G + surgical robots in the future will place remote surgery at our fingertips. High-end medical resources will be extended to lower-tier cities to benefit a wider range of patients in different regions.

Date :
May 01, 2022