XtalPi made the list of “Fierce 15” for bio-pharmaceutical companies

On 7 March 2022, XtalPi, an industry-leading AI pharmaceutical company, made the list of “Fierce 15” as one of the most promising pharmaceutical technology companies in 2021. The list was published by Fierce Medtech, a well-known biotech media organization in the United States. It is the first time for a Chinese company to win such an award in recent years.

In 2021, XtalPi achieved comprehensive and multi-fold growth. In particular, it realized tens-fold growth in AI new drug discovery business and achieved landmark progress in multiple R&D pipelines, the clients of which are preparing for clinical trials. Currently, XtalPi is serving more than 100 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies and research institutions; at the same time, centering on its key upstream and downstream industry chains and technologies, XtalPi has incubated and invested in a number of innovative companies including METiS Pharmaceuticals, Signet Therapeutics, PhoreMost and Leman Biotech. With XtalPi as the core, these companies have formed a complementary and mutually empowering industrial ecosystem.

Date :
Mar 04, 2022